On Manna (Audio)

Revelations On Manna (Audio Book) by Don Harris

Over four hours on a single disc in MP3 format.  This thought provoking audio book CD will play in your IPod, computer, MP3 player and in some automobile CD players and some home DVD players.

There are those who claim the undivided attention of the Almighty as they “speak to God” and, consequently He speaks to them, clearly and distinctly. This book is not for them.

This book is for the honest and down-to-earth man or woman who only wants to receive the daily guidance that was promised.  If this describes you, your honesty will simply not allow you to manufacture miraculous communications out of what you know are your own mental processes; nor, will you afford yourself the luxury of re-creating your common dreams into heavenly visions.

You just want to know that you live and walk in the will of your God, so you can face whatever comes your way.


Something to think about.